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    Tia Rengifo
    December 22, 2023

    Kaitlyn provided me with an amazing free consultation. I felt so uncertain about things within my case and she provided answers to all my questions that really put me at ease! She was very straight forward and clear and told me exactly what it was and what it wasn’t. Thank you Kaitlyn! You are my kind of people! I can tell you are cali hearted for sure! If you need a family law lawyer this would be the one I would recommend 100%!

    Melissa McMaster (Mel)
    August 04, 2023

    I can not say enough great things about Kaitlyn and her team. I've been a client of theirs since 2018 when I started my custody battle journey (was never married). From the start Kaitlyn was honest, kind, fair, and just so caring. She truly cares about the kids in the situation and is so professional in her handling of the case. She hears you out and makes your concerns seen and heard in the courtroom. At every turn, her team is so supportive and caring. They set you up for success and allow you to fight a fair, honest fight for your family and kids. Through my hearings, I've noticed compared to other attorneys that Kaitlyn is respected by all courthouse officials and is very well known, which is always a great feeling. She is amazing at what she does and truly cares about her clients and their kids. I will forever and always recommend Kaitlyn to anyone who needs a family law attorney, and will sing her praises every chance I get. As a single mom who fights for her kids safety and well-being in this ever-changing world, Kaitlyn takes the fight on for me so that I can be with my kids and breathe easy knowing she has our back. If you need an attorney you can trust and is absolutely amazing at her job and is 100% professional, please call Kaitlyn, you won't be disappointed.

    Jason Fitzpatrick
    November 30, 2023

    I’m a single father with a teenage son! I hired Mrs Miller to handle a child custody case with my son! I was referred to her by my former attorney, and she was nothing less than spectacular! Super smart, well educated, and brought it all together with precision and tenacity!!! We got what we wanted in are case and I couldn’t be more pleased! If you need an experienced attorney, she’s the one!!!

    Jera R
    June 19, 2023

    I retained Kaitlyn for my divorce after I had a consultation a few years back over a separate case. During my consultation she advised me how to proceed and informed me that I did not need to retain her for that case. Her integrity made her my first choice in my divorce case. Kaitlyn and Lexxie are amazing and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!

    Laura Ramirez
    June 12, 2023

    This review has been a long time coming. I hired Kaitlyn Miller in 2018 AFTER I had already filed the paperwork for divorce on my own. I paid her $4800 in cash which was her fee to represent me through the divorce settlement. I had to borrow all the money from a friend because I had no money. Other than meeting with Kaitlyn for the initial consultation, the only other times I saw her were at the first meeting with the judge for the case management conference and to prematurely end the divorce process due to circumstances beyond my control. (I pleaded with her paralegal in the weeks before the case management conference to convince Kaitlyn to meet with me because I was so frightened by the threats made by my husband, but all she was willing to do was come ten minutes early to the court, so we could talk (not privately, but in the room where everyone waits to appear before the judge.)) Six or so months later, there was still no progress re: forward movement of my divorce. Then tragedy struck: my husband DIED in a rehab hospital two months after having an amputation at the knee. I was in shock. (I had just seen him the week before and he was recovering, seemed to be in good spirits and was making plans.) I called Kaitlyn's office to inform her of my husband's death and went in to sign the necessary documents. I asked for a portion of my money back since I never got divorced and no longer needed her services. I told her that I was very worried about how I would pay for funeral expenses. (Even though I no longer wanted to be married to my husband, I was saddened by his sudden death. I grieved him and never wanted or expected him to die.) Even though Kaitlyn knew that I had borrowed the money that I paid her (which I had to pay back), even though she knew that I would have to file bankruptcy (the judge had ordered it at the CMC) and even though she knew that without my husband's income, I had a mortgage that I could not afford and even though she knew that I had children who would need a funeral service for their father and that he would need to be buried or cremated, she refused to refund the unearned portion of the fee. When I emailed her later with a second request to issue a partial refund, she refused and claimed instead that I owed her $500. I was so frightened and overwhelmed at this time and I can't tell you how discouraging it was to be treated like this by someone that I had hired to help me. Talk about kicking another woman, a female client, when she was down. I called the Bar to report her and left two messages, but they never called me back. Tragically, six months after my husband died, my youngest son died in a car crash on the way home from work. I was devastated! That was the final blow. My heart shattered. It's taken me this long to recover enough to write this. I wonder all the time if my beloved son would still be here if I'd had the money to have a funeral service for his dad so that he and his brother would have had the public support to grieve. He was so full of grief after his dad died.

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